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Our Team

Our team consists of creative and experienced artists who are knowledgeable on the products and how to use them. They are pleased to give you advice on the perfect product to achieve your desired artistic effect and can explain the differences and options available to suit every level of talent and budget. Want some additional hands-on experience, sign up for one of our many exciting workshops. If we can be of further assistance, please contact us.

• Be Creative • Get Inspired • Have Fun 

Linda Lang


Linda Lang is an internationally celebrated expedition and climate change artist whose paintings are based on the knowledge she gained from her Inuit friends, scientists and over a dozen expeditions to the Polar Regions. Best known for her Arctic paintings, Lang first travelled to the Arctic in 2002 with her mentor Doris McCarthy. She has led expeditions and exhibited throughout Canada (including the Arctic), United States and in Russia.

Lang is a former board member of the Society of Canadian Artists, an elected Signature Member of Artists for Conservation, former Art Liaison for International Polar Year, and founder of Polar Artists Group and the Arctic Quest 2006 project. She represented polar artists at the launch of International Polar Year in Paris, France in 2007, participated in the Circumpolar Artists Round Table discussions at the United Nations Office in Geneva, and in 2008 and 2009 she represented Canada at the Northern Lights Festival in the Russian Arctic. She has taught art workshops for the TDCSB, McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Students on Ice Climate Change expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctica, in Russia, and the United States

Mary Williams

Assistant Manager/artist

Mary Williams is a 4th year student at Queen's University majoring in Fine Art and minoring in Art History. Williams was born in Poole, England, but has grown up in Lake St. Peter, Ontario since she was nine years old. She continues to practice art in Hastings Highlands when not at the university studio in Kingston, Ontario. Williams is specializing in Painting and Printmaking during her studies focusing on themes of Self and navigating the world around her as a woman. She places importance on incorporating environmental sustainability into her practice wherever she can and considers herself an interdisciplinary artist. She enjoys making work that plays with narrative, sculptural elements/effects, and illustrative qualities or roots.

Clare Holton-Hickey

Store Assistant/artist

Hello, world! My name is Clare Holton-Hickey. I’m 16 and love to paint and bake. I go to high school in Ottawa but spend my weekends and summers at my cottage on salmon trout lake. I like to stay busy and always have things to do, so I almost always am painting, drawing, or baking something! My grandmother was the one who introduced me to painting. She would do these fantastic watercolors, and I would make muddy blobs and things that were supposed to be flowers. But with a lot of time and work, I have come a long way from want to be flowers and muddy messes.